Oakland Managed IT & Cyber Security Services is revolutionizing the compliance and cyber security industry by bringing enterprise-level technology and experience to whom deserve it the most. Now is the time where small & medium medical practices and doctor offices can have the piece of mind; having systems running smoothly without downtime, their patient data stay safe and confidential, and having coaching from specialized HIPAA Compliance consulting firm that never had a client fail an OCR or CMS audit.

In 2017, 75% of security breaches caused by basic mistakes and lack of policies and procedures, where 25% was caused by IT staff. According to CompTIA's cybersecurity report, the #1 reason is a mistaken belief that current security is “good enough.”

HIPAA Compliance-as-a-Service:

HIPAA and HIPAA-HighTech by law requires an appointed Data Privacy Officer, following the duties in the diagram below, and performing an annual audit of the following with documented action plans to fill the gap:

  1. Security Risk Assessment
  2. Privacy Assessment
  3. HITECH Subtitle D Audit
  4. Security Standards Audit
  5. Asset and Device Audit
  6. Physical Site Audit

HIPAA Duties Every Doctor Office Employee needs to follow



Our Compliance as a Service offering includes HIPPA compliance online training and one-on-one virtual workshops by a specialized consulting firm. This training includes the 6 annual audits/assessments in order to comply with HIPAA and HIPAA-Hightech regulations, and training to all employees and appointed Data Privacy Officer (required by law) on their duties.

The team will also assist in covering all gaps and improving policies & procedures in order to become fully compliant, including the planning for breach notifications due to short government notice requirements.


Cyber Security-as-a-Service:

Our IT & Cybersecurity offering can be provided as a complete package, or in conjunction with your current IT staff or provider. The goal of this service is to insure always-uptime service in the worse scenarios, including a natural disaster or sophisticated cyber attack.

Some of the included services for the same low price are to:

  1. Assist in evaluating technology vendors and assess the risk they may pose on your patient data. The more formalized the process the less liability an office would have in case of a breach by the vendor.
  2. Provide cyber security awareness training educating staff on how to detect suspicious activities that can infect your network (as simple as opening a PDF or word document) and how to immediately respond in case of an attack. We can add to these online training material any regulatory training in the package as well if required by law.
  3. Building an enterprise-grade IT security protection, detection and response, including $1M liability and an AI-based antivirus-replacement software that is generally not available for businesses with less than 1,000 employees.
  4. Providing enterprise-grade set of tools like single sign-on solution & multi-factor authentication in order to reduce reusing passwords and easily login to desired systems quicker and safer.
  5. Additional tools include enterprise-grade AI-based wifi, email encryption, data retention policies, and a secure file syncing between a user/team's computers with ransomware protection.
  6. The package includes darkweb scanning to find any stolen passwords being sold on the dark-web, in order to alert the user to never reuse such password and any variety of it.
  7. Building a disaster recovery plan, including immediate recovery planning when backups are compromised or internet connectivity is down to insure up-time using cellular backup links.
  8. Providing pro-active IT maintenance and performance monitoring to insure your equipment runs as smooth as possible, and detect potential problems before they occur.
  9. Provide unlimited technical support in relationship to business operations, not including any training or major project work like expanding/remodeling an office or relocation.