What is a Cyber Security Assessment?

Cyber security assessment is a service entails risk-based approaches to examine and enhance defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks. The strategy helps identify threats that could affect the availability and reliability of a system. Overall, a business can get a better understanding of the capabilities of defenses put in place against malicious attacks.

Who should have a Cyber Security Assessment done?

In response to the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats targeting company networks, it is imperative for all businesses to conduct thorough cyber security assessments to identify and protect network systems from attacks on a recurring basis. Cyber security assessment helps identify and mitigate risks with reliable security controls and measures.

What are the goals of a Cyber Security Assessment?

The ultimate goal of cyber security assessment is to identify the risk exposure of cyber assets in an enterprise. During the process, all network devices and services that could be a source of vulnerabilities are addressed. The service focuses on:

    • Network components audit, including hardware, software, and network components.
    • Overall management of network mapping
    • Network port and service scanning
    • Vulnerability assessment on hosts
    • Risk modelling
    • Network security analysis
    • Risk mitigation analysis
    • Reporting

In cyber security assessments, penetration testing and network auditing should be done on a regular basis to examine the physical security of a company’s network and security policies. The assessment should also examine the configuration of Wi-Fi access points to ensure it is secure. Other activities include evaluating firewall rules, disabling insecure protocols (like SSLv3 and TLS v1.0, etc), eliminating weak encryptions (like RC4 and 3DES, etc), and validating password and login policies.

Cyber security assessment services generate actionable and concise reports that are presented in an understandable format for the client. The findings are interpreted and recommendations are implemented to remediate vulnerabilities within a network. A cyber-security assessment report will show a picture of a network security at one point in time. However, new vulnerabilities are discovered frequently, requiring businesses to plan for progressive scans to remain proactive against attacks.

Periodically assessing the network security is a crucial part of a business’s cyber security plan. Our experts combine in-depth knowledge of technology and security techniques to help identify and prevent potential risks that may adversely impact on a company’s network system.
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