How Can We Help?

This is how we roll, and a series of products and services under each solution:

  • Fully Managed Services

    Proactively Managing your Cyber Security and Information Technology with enterprise-level tools and expertise to keep your business running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business while we secure your customer data. HIPAA Coaching & Security Procedures come standard as well.

  • Integrated Hybrid Services

    Get the flexibility to take advantage of what your internal or outsourced IT Team does the best, and we take over challenges or time consuming costly tasks to improve IT efficiency, availability and security.

  • Backend Support Services

    Covering the gaps that your business needs on an as-needed basis and add services as an umbrella over your existing stack of IT Staff and/or Outsourced providers.

How Do We Fit?

We complete the perfect balance for your business, whatever your needs are with flexible shifts in plan:

  • Fully Managed Services

    We work with business owners/partners on identifying business challenges and availability requirements, and we work on plans to add innovative solutions to improve efficiency in business workflow and increase security and availability of your IT Infrastructure. In addition to improving your data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability, we help you comply with industry requirements and standards like the BAR Association, GDPR, HIPAA and PCI Compliance.

  • Integrated Hybrid Services

    We work with your IT personnel and Compliance Officer or C-level Executives on planning and reporting on achievements towards your overall business goals. Reports and level of sophistication/ involvement depends on your priorities and the Business Systems you need to stabilize and validate meeting industry security standards and compliance. We have access to tools that are not available for enterprises directly, so take leverage to our relationship with our vendors.

  • Backend Support Services

    We work with your Compliance Officers or C-Level Executives to add a layer of confidence in your current IT Disaster Recovery & Cyber Security policies/plans. Let us be the second set of eyes, and we can validate and run frequent Network & Security Assessments to give you a peace of mind. All breached enterprises had internal IT Security teams on staff already or a third party handling security, but they didn’t have proper third-party auditing to validate their process.

How Do We Compare?

With the level of expertise and vendors we work with, we take no sides and work for your benefit towards an easy smooth transition. Best of all, we've got your back with no strings attached:

One Bill for Compliance, IT & Security
$1M Ransomware Liability
2,200 US Experts Nationwide
1,700 Vendors
Zero Contracts

Who Trusts Us?

    • VmWare
    • Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
    • California Department of Justice
    • AT&T
    • Telepacific
    • GAP
    • Bed Bath and Beyond
    • Bath and Body Works
    • Lulu Lemon
    • Lucky Brand Jeans
    • Walmart
    • Target
    • Safeway
    • Coinstar
    • Performance Bike
    • REI
    • Sally Beauty Supplies
    • Cisco
    • Motel 6
    • Hilton Hotel
    • Double Tree Hotel
    • McDonald's
    • Jack In The Box
    • Taco Bell
    • Unites States Postal Service (USPS)
    • DHL
    • T-Mobile
    • Big 5 Sports
    • TJ Maxx
    • Old Navy
    • JC Penny
    • Jamba Juice
    • Yogurt Mill
    • AMC Theaters
    • World Market Cost Plus
    • Whole Foods
    • Papa John's Pizza
    • Sonic Drive-in
    • FedEx
    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Chase Bank
    • BB&T Bank
    • California Coast Guard
    • US Army
    • Verizon
    • CostCo
    • Best Buy
    • Arizona Tile
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • Doctors Hospital
    • Liberty Mutual
    • Morgan Stanley
    • UBS Bank
    • Coast Dental
    • Social Security Administration (SSA)
    • Starbucks
    • Staples
    • US Bank
    • CVS Pharmacy
    • Walgreens
    • Rite Aid Pharmacy
    • Forever 21
    • Hot Topic
    • Torrid
    • Red Robin
    • Apple Bee's
    • The Home Depot
    • Lowe's
    • Emirates Airlines
    • Emirates Sky Cargo
    • United Postal Service (UPS)
    • SkyNet Worldwide
    • Ford
    • Honda
    • Volkes Wagon (VW)
    • Vonage
    • British Telecom
    • International Paper
    • Burlington Coat Factory
    • O' Reily Auto Parts
    • Bridgestone Tire

How To Reach Out?

Phone: (510) 830-1313
Address: 1999 Harrison St #1800, Oakland, CA 94612

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